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Nick Bryant - Founder

Nick is a 15 year veteran of developing and building successful technology services. He, amongst other things, runs customer service, technical strategy and the cake purchasing rosta at ServerMule. He embraces the joy of learning new technology to the extent any family man can find the time to do.

In 2004 he co-founded what became Australia's largest out of home public ISP, that still services multiple ASX 200 companies and government agencies today.

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17th April, 2017 by Nick Bryant

cPanel Release 64 improves the incremental backup feature. Learn more about how it works and if it’s now the right option for you.

50% Off VPS Sale
13th August, 2014 by Nick Bryant

Take 50% off your first month’s bill on your new VPS servers.

22nd July, 2014 by Nick Bryant

How to kill multiple processes in Linux from the shell. Uses grep, awk and xargs. Use with caution!

4th June, 2014 by Nick Bryant

  This article shows you how to easily add swap to CentOS using a file on it’s existing storage systems.   What is a swap file (swap patition)? When your CentOS server runs out of physical memory (or RAM) Linux has the ability to swap blocks (aka pages) of memory out to a swap area. […]

2014 EOFY VPS Sale
2nd June, 2014 by Nick Bryant

We are celebrating the end of financial year with a massive 15% off annual VPS purchases! Don’t delay, this offer absolutely must end June 30th.

31st January, 2014 by Nick Bryant

Getting your MySQL queries right is so important to the performance of your web application. Likewise, getting the indexes on the right columns in the right tables can make the difference between queries that take fractions of a second and queries that can take upwards of 10 seconds. So you’ve written your application. It works! […]

10th December, 2013 by Nick Bryant

Here at ServerMule we love a bit of WordPress. We think there’s a very good reason it’s the world’s most popular CMS (content management system). It’s a powerful yet simple system that can save you hours and hours in trying to manage your websites content. While it’s pretty much plug and play there are some […]

6th December, 2013 by Nick Bryant

A quick guide to installing git on a cPanel server in just one command.

5th November, 2013 by Nick Bryant

ServerMule Wordpress VPS now comes with the choice of nginx or apache. Save your self hours – we’ve done the hard work for you.

20th September, 2013 by Nick Bryant

The ServerMule team have been working hard recently on improving the Console and have recently released our new and improved Console V2 with graphs.

19th September, 2013 by Nick Bryant

By popular demand, we’re now sending server bandwidth usage alerts by e-mail. While VPS bandwidth usage has always been available from the Console it meant having to check it frequently. Customers can now rest easy knowing they will be alerted if and when they start reaching their quota. As with all ServerMule products, you can […]

17th September, 2013 by Nick Bryant

A quick guide to installing git on a cPanel server in just one command.

26th August, 2013 by Nick Bryant

Disable cPanel cPHulk from the command line or ssh. Locked yourself out of cPanel? No worries, this guide will help you get back in.

5th July, 2013 by Nick Bryant

Six months ago, with the Aussie dollar riding high at US$1.07, hosting in the US seemed cheaper than ever. But with our local currency now down to US$0.91 and falling, the question is just how expensive will that US hosting become? Cloud computing has prompted a huge shift in outsourcing to the ‘as-a-service’ method of […]

2nd July, 2013 by Nick Bryant

Installing cPanel on a new server can take a while. We’re all about making life as simple as possible so we’re happy to announce our new pre-installed cPanel VPS product. cPanel VPS gives you all the existing benefits of VPS Hosting but with the following additions: VPS Optimized WHM/cPanel License – Unlimited sites Pre-installed cPanel […]

21st June, 2013 by Nick Bryant

A simple how to install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) on Ubuntu tutorial.

19th June, 2013 by Nick Bryant

Based on our customer feedback, we’re happy to announce two new ways of buying cloud hosting services from ServerMule:   VPS Hosting A pre-paid monthly predictable way of buying resources when you know what you need. Cloud Hosting Use what you need, when you need it, paid for by the hour in a post paid […]

9th May, 2013 by Nick Bryant

If you’re using a .navbar-fixed-top fixed to top navbar in Twitter Bootstrap you probably have noticed your anchor ahref links no longer line up correctly. The easiset way to fix this is to the use the <section id=”MyAnchor”> tag with a padding-top equal to the padding you’ve added to the body. So for example if […]

9th May, 2013 by Nick Bryant

A quick way to get Wordpress up and running on Ubuntu in less than 5 minutes.

26th March, 2013 by Nick Bryant

New Cloud Hosting Image Templates available – CentOS 6 + Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10. See Detail here