How do I configure my ServerMule firewall

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The in built firewall is a simple way secure your ServerMule VPS. Simply log on to the ServerMule console.

On the home page you will see your server listed. Simply click on the Manage Server button to take you to the Server Management screen for your server.

On the Server Management page you will see the Firewall meu to take you to the configuration page.

Here are some screen shots to you show the way.

First select the Server to manage from your services list.

ServerMule Service List
ServerMule Service List


From the Manage Server screen select the “Firewall” button.

ServerMule Manage VPS Screen
ServerMule Manage VPS Screen


You can now configure your Firewall

Server Pending
Server Pending


You can then configure your firewall as follows.

  1. Choose the applicable network interface.
  2. Specify if the rule should accept or drop requests.
  3. Set the IP address for to apply to this rule
    • Leave empty to apply this rule as a wildcard to all IPs
    • Enter hyphen-separated IPs to apply the rule to an IP range (e.g.
    • Enter the IPs with slash to apply the rule to CIDR (e.g.
  4. Set the port to apply this rule to.
    • Leave empty to apply the rule as a wildcard to all ports
    • Enter colon separated ports to apply the rule to a port range (e.g. 1000:2000)
    • Enter comma separated ports to apply the rule to the list of ports (e.g. 80,443,21)
  5. Choose the protocol (TCP, UDP or ICMP).
  6. Save the rule. The rule will be saved in the UI, but the transaction won’t be started until you click the Apply Firewall Rules button.
  7. To start the transaction which runs firewall rules for a VS, click Apply firewall rules button.
  8. You can use the Up and Down arrows to change firewall rule position.

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