ServerMule Bandwidth Alerts

19th September, 2013 by

By popular demand, we’re now sending server bandwidth usage alerts by e-mail. While VPS bandwidth usage has always been available from the Console it meant having to check it frequently. Customers can now rest easy knowing they will be alerted if and when they start reaching their quota. As with all ServerMule products, you can upgrade your bandwidth quota at any time using the Console.

ServerMule Bandwidth Graphs
ServerMule Bandwidth Graphs

When will I receive bandwidth alerts?

We will send you two e-mails at 75% and again at 100% of your bandwidth quota. We calculate and send alerts at approx 9am every day.

I’ve received an alert at 75%, can I upgrade my quota?

Absolutely. Just login to the console and click “Upgrade Resources” on the drop down menu next to the server you want to upgrade.

What if my Quota hits 100%?

It’s not a problem, everything keeps working. You’re just charged $0.25 per GB of data transfer over your quota amount.

How do i find out more about my bandwidth usage?

In the Console you can see an up to date figure of your usage as well as access graphs that give a more detailed view.

I’m not receiving my alerts?

Check that the email hasn’t ended up in your junk mail folders.

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