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21st January, 2014 by

Ghost Blog on a ServerMule VPS

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Today I’d like to introduce the latest in our One Click applications – Ghost Blog Hosting. You can now get the Ghost blogging application on your own dedicated, Australian, ServerMule VPS. You can be fully installed, configured and blogging away in under 5 minutes on the latest version of Ghost for just $10 … Awesome. Outgoing Emails, Firewall and Automatic Ubuntu upgrades all configured for you out of the box.


What’s Ghost Blogging I hear you ask?

Ghost is an Open Source application designed to make it simple to write and publish your own blog. It’s super simple which is why we like it so much. It is the tool that makes writing your own blog easy and even fun to do. It’s simple, elegant, and allows you to just get on with writing great content. That’s why we love it.

For more information about Ghost check out their website then come back and get your blog online.

Ghost Hosting Techincal Details

Our Ghost VPS comes with the following installed configuration

  • The current latest version of Ghost Blog
  • Dedicated Hardware resources
  • Node.js
  • Ubuntu Unatended Upgrades
  • CSF Firewall (optional)
  • Sendmail – So Ghost mail works out of the box

A special thank you to the team at HowToInstallGhost for their quick work writing our review on

Get a Ghost Server now from only $10 >

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