Forex VPS – High availability MetaTrader 4 server in 5 minutes

15th August, 2013 by

The ServerMule team is excited to announce our Forex VPS MetaTrader 4 solution. With our Forex VPS you can access you server via remote desktop 24*7. You can have your EA’s trading whenever the markets are open. Our highly available windows VPS is the perfect platform to maximise your profitablility.

Forex VPS gives you all the existing benefits of VPS Hosting with the following additions:

  • Windows Licence
  • Pre-installed MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 4 configured for your broker
  • Highly Availability to have your EA’s running 24*7
  • Firefox and Chrome pre installed

We currently have configurations for the following brokers, if you don’t see your broker below no worries we will set it up for free.

  • Alpari
  • AxiTrade
  • FP Markets
  • Go Markets
  • International Capital Markets
  • Pepperstone
  • Star Financial
  • Vantage FX

If you have any questions about our solution please take a look at the Forex VPS product page or send us an email at [email protected]

What is MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader 4 also known as MT4 is a Windows application written by MetaQuotes Software. It is used by Foreign Exchange traders for online Foreign Exchange trading, technical analysis and most importantly automated Forex trading. MetaTrader 4 is popular due to it’s capability for users to program automated scripts and robots for trading.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex or Foreign Exchange trading is the trading of one nations currency for another. For example purchasing American dollars USD with Australian dollar AUD. Forex trading is typically done through a broker or market maker. As a forex trader you can choose a currency pair that you expect to change in value and place a trade accordingly. Retail traders often use a program called MetaTrader 4 to perform technical analysis and online trades through their preferred brokers.

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