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20th September, 2013 by

At ServerMule we have been working hard recently on improving the Console. We’re overjoyed to announce the release of our new and improved Console V2 with graphs.

We believe in making your life as simple as possible and have listened to your feedback. This has led to the removal of some of the clutter which has allowed us to improve the usability of the console. We’ve condensed some pages and put all the functions and information that you use on a regular basis in one place to make them simple to find.

We also realised that many of you were finding it hard to see how your servers we’re performing so we’ve added some insightful graphs. You can now review your servers CPU, Disk and bandwidth performance at a quick glance.

Server Management

ServerMule Console Server Management
ServerMule Console Server Management

CPU Usage

ServerMule Console CPU Usage Graph
ServerMule Console CPU Usage Graph

Disk Usage

ServerMule Console Disk Usage Graph
ServerMule Console Disk Usage Graph

Bandwidth Usage

ServerMule Console Bandwidth Usage Graph
ServerMule Console Bandwidth Usage Graph


The full range of functionality is still available in the Console it just now easier to get to. The Console allows you to perform the following actions:

Power – Turn your server on, off or reboot.
Terminal – Access the VPS Terminal.
Rebuild – Format your VM and start from scratch.
Backups – Take Ad Hoc or set up automated backups .
Firewal – Configure your own firewall.
Upgrade – Upgrade/Downgrade resources at any time including CPU, Disk, Bandwidth, RAM and Operating System.
Security – Retrieve root/Admin password or reset it if requried.

We’re very happy with this new release and think it represents a real jump forwards from V1. We’re committed to continued improvement so we welcome your feedback.

Nick Bryant - Founder

Nick is a 15 year veteran of developing and building successful technology services. He, amongst other things, runs customer service, technical strategy and the cake purchasing rosta at ServerMule. He embraces the joy of learning new technology to the extent any family man can find the time to do.

In 2004 he co-founded what became Australia's largest out of home public ISP, that still services multiple ASX 200 companies and government agencies today.

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