Australian VPS Comparison

We’ve put ourselves up against Australia’s leading VPS providers

What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is a private server in the same way a dedicated server is. You should have full root access to do what you like to it. Reboot it when you like. Turn it on or off when you like.

The private server is provided using virtualization as a virtual machine, hence the virtual private server.

Why should I host in Australia?

If your service is primarily targeted at Australians you will get much better response times by using local VPS Hosting. Not to mention you’ll also get an SEO benefit as well as local Australian Support.

Last but not least you’ll also be helping the Australian economy as we’re an Australian business with Australian Staff.

Why use SSD Storage?

Great question! We hosting providers host all kinds of services for all kinds of businesses. This creates a truly random and unpredictable storage IOPS (input output operations per second) load.

The problem with traditional spinning HDDs is that they don’t perform so well on random IO jobs. SSDs on the other hand perform up-to 70 times faster on random I/O loads!

VPS Comparison Features / Pricing Table

How we compare against other leading Australian VPS Hosts


  ServerMule Mammoth Ventra Ip Servers Australia Crucial Blaze
*Price (GST Inc) $31.88 / Month $36.20 / Month $79.95 / Month $99.95 / Month $149.95 / Month
SSD Storage
Adjustable Resources **
High Availabilty
Australian Support
Server Management $59.00 $70.00 $29.95 / 24 Hours $59.00 $50.00
Pre Installed Applications
Ad Hoc Sys Admin $100 / Hour Limited $29.95 $33 per 15 Minutes

* Price comparison was on non discounted prices For the smallest available VPS with 2 GB RAM. All prices were as published on hosts websites as per 12th December 2013

** Adjustable Resources means RAM, Storage, CPU and Bandwidth can be scaled independently.

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